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We can help you avoid this issue and enable you to branch out into the Italian market, and therefore, reach a broader audience and retain your customers without the costs of relocating your company.

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  • 4 Data Acquisition Trends To Watch Out For in 2017

    datagatherDemand for Data Acquisition (DAQ) solutions continues to cut across different segments and markets, with suppliers being urged to leverage a larger margin and market share. The market is now focusing on moving into niche markets through the use of marketing initiatives. New applications in the level and flow sensors, and pressure domain to collect data in the medical infrastructure and power and energy domain are currently fueling the industry’s growth.

    Future opportunities in data acquisition lie in wireless data acquisition systems with an emphasis on modular DAQ systems and paperless chart recorders. There is also an increased demand for data loggers and smart sensors in the market, with the market moving towards VXI, PXI, and PCI interfaces whilst smart grid sensors technology continues to be touted as the future of DAQ technology as well. Below, we look at 4 data acquisition trends to watch out for in 2017 as follows:


    • Apache Spark trumps MapReduce

    As far as memory data processing goes, Apache Spark came on to the scene in late 2014 as a top-notch Apache Project and was subsequently the dominant buzz word for much of 2015 and 2016, witnessing significant early adoption. Expect to see an explosion of its adoption by fast organizations and followers seeking to replace outdated data management platforms. Spark on Hadoop YARN is likely to dominate the conversation and will, to a large extent, do away with the need for MapReduce processing.


    • IoT Matures

    Back in 1999, the phrase ‘internet of things’ (IoT) was coined by Kevin Ashton and the world has continued to see interesting advances in the use of interconnected devices and sensors. The IoT phenomenon has rapidly gathered steam in recent years with companies such as Ericsson, Cisco Systems, and GE making immense contributions.

    Expect to see the embracing of open standards designed to improve data acquisition and analysis, device monitoring, and information sharing in 2017. We should also witness a divergence on the issues surrounding the data that is collected by these devices with consumer-driven, personal data guaranteed to increase privacy and security complexities. Enterprise-driven data should increase the complexities surrounding issues such as usage patterns, storage architectures, and knowledge sharing.


    • ‘Unstructured’ content analysis to become routine

    The analysis of emojis, spam, images, video, audio, free text and other forms of non-tabular data has been a specialty area within the data science field for some years now. The explosion of free content and libraries such as doc2vec (in DL4J) and word2vec as well as the convergence of more accessible semantic analysis techniques has led to more mainstream uses of text mining techniques. For instance, Carnegie Mellon researchers recently open-sourced their OpenFace project which they claim recognizes faces in real time from only 10 reference photos. This is just an example of the maturation libraries, tools, and techniques that enable non-tabular data analysis and whose widespread use we should expect more of in 2017, inevitably accompanied by the attendant privacy and security debates.


    • Data encryption, privacy, and security

    The ongoing fight against cybercrime should continue to escalate in 2017 as hacktivists and cybercriminals continue to become more sophisticated. Corporations are becoming increasingly concerned about the unauthorized access to sensitive data, recovery costs, and the reputational damage occasioned. Likewise, consumers are increasingly growing aware of the value of their personal data and that its privacy is at risk. Meanwhile, users of technology continue to be more hyper-connected than ever before thus increasing the vulnerability of data. These and other factors mean that advanced data strategies should continue to be a high priority for IT corporations across the globe in 2017, according to Chris Lange, a prominent data logger.

  • Web Design in Italy

    The success or failure of a web-site is determined not all by its visual design but by usability and utiity. User-centric design has become a standard approach for any successful and profit-oriented web design since the visitor of the page is the only person who navigates the mouse and decides everything based on the feature of the site.


    The users’ habits on the web and customers’ habit in a store do not really differentiate from each other. When a visitor goes to a new page, most of the large parts of the page are ignored. What most users do is that they scan the text and click the first link that seems to resemble what they are looking for or simply what catches their attention. As soon as the users find a page that piqued their interest, they click but when it doesn’t the search for others continues. 

    webdesign-1Most users go for quality and credibility so if a page provides high quality content, users are willing to compromise with the ads and even the design of the web page. While content is given importance for a website the overall design should also never be compromised. A well-thought-out design layout is as important as a good content. Users tend to also look at how easy to navigate the page so it is important that the users are to be given the impression that the first time they see the page they would know how to use it. In a nutshell, good content + good layout design + easy access are what make up a good website. This is the reason why other websites generate more traffic than others. A plethora of studies also show that a well-built website generates more customer traffic and improved user interface increases conversion which makes business success rate to go exponential.

    Digitec Consulting offers a wide range of web services and solutions intended to support our consulting process. We are dedicated to provide our clients with superb service when it comes to design and development, custom programming to ongoing maintenance and support task to your website in order to help you grow in the virtual world of internet. We partner with our clients to know their specifications, and diligently work to satisfy them by creating long lasting positive impact on their business or organization’s success and growth. With our excellent team, we will be able to turn the viewers to users and users to customers.


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